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We are affiliated to Envirogroup Ltd and Wireless Metering NZ Ltd, two specialist embedded network design, installation and meter management companies with their Design Engineers, Registered Plumbers, Gasfitters and Electricians, that can assist you with delivering and maintaining your building services project.

Envirogroup Ltd – A building services design, installation and maintenance company providing energy efficient solutions and maintenance to gas appliances, air systems, hydraulic systems as well as a range of metering solutions.

Wireless Metering New Zealand – Our smart wireless metering partner, providing accurate utilities data measurement and remote data acquisition via RF modules or GSM communication with their cloud-based software.

A division of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, EECA Business works to improve the energy efficiency of New Zealand’s businesses and to promote the uptake of renewable energy. Provides information, advice and funding to businesses of all sizes.

Promotes the highest standards of Energy Management skills and competence to foster and facilitate the integration of sound Energy Management practises into all sectors of the New Zealand economy. Provides a focal point for Energy Management services and products.

NZ distributor of one of finest solar energy producing equipment, including solar hot water products from Switzerland’s AMK – POLAC, PV panels from ASOLA Germany, PV arrays and power generators from KD POWER South Korea.

Efficiency and sustainability based gas, electricity, LPG and solar retail suppliers for commercial and residential use.

A leading service provider for New Zealand companies wishing to obtain sustainable business Certification.

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